600 years of spilling blood and still calling for it

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It is with sadness and a heavy heart to read in this blog that some of you have been advocating sheer violence and bestiality as if that was the only weapons the Negroes can call upon to settle his political dispute.

Gentlemen this Country has been spilling blood or better yet blood is being spilled in this land for the past 600 years since a Master criminal named Christopher Colombus landed by mistake in that part of the world.

He spilled the blood of the original owners of the land. When there were no more of them to shed blood, they brought Negroes in chains and other criminals spilled their blood...and when the oppressed had their chance to retaliate in a newly independent nation they started burning and spilling blood(which could have been understood) and it has not stopped since then. Boyer spilled blood, Christophe spilled blood, Soulouque spilled blood, Herard spilled blood, Dartiguenave spilled blood, then the Yankees came and they spilled blood and they left a standing Army that spilled blood, then Magloire spilled blood, Estime spilled blood, Duvalier spilled spilled even more blood, then the CNG spilled blood, Lafontant spilled blood, Namphy spilled, then FRAPH spilled blood, Michel Francois spilled blood, Cedras spilled blood then Aristide spilled blood and when you think there was no more blood to be spilled an earthquake came and spilled blood the Cholera spilled blood and still NOW some in this blog calling themselves Intellectual, Functionaries, Patriots, nationalists, Nantis-petit bourgeois- poors, illiterate are still calling for blood to be spilled.

They have become so immune to violence, torture, murders, delinquency, assassination, destruction ...that they become fascinated by it and guess what they want Machetes, Pics, tires to do the job and of course the "GRO MASS"
What a shame!
Between that compromising Professor and that I have yet to find an epithet for him...I think the choice is rather difficult but calling for more blood to be spilled is just another way to portray even further the Haitian Nigger as a plain low and dirty and worthless pathetic subhuman.

Kamoken, April 2 2011, 11:38 PM

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