We should engage in an education campaign like the Beninese...

Toulimen Legrand - April 2 2011, 7:38 PM

We should engage in an education campaign like the Beninese people in Benin.

We should motivate all Haitians toward unity and create laws to prosecute criminals and divisions among us and once the CIA agents see us doing that they will leave.

They left Benin in great numbers because those people are united with the current president to solve many problems there.

I believe in dialog and motivation of our people for a common goal. We need to restore leadership and we will win. The CIA mafia system can be dismantled if Haitians are united again.

They don't like unity among us so they will leave.

My suggestion to Micky is this he must transform those food importers such as CAM and Unitransfer into Haitian Farmers and then impose high tariffs on iomportation to protect the Haitian economy.

If he can get those people into the farming area I believe he will save Haiti millions of dollars in import and more jobs will be created in Haiti.

Jean, I am not for the burning and killing of people and businesses but we must show to the world that we can lead by bringing the rule of law back into our country.

May be Tiba has family working in the private sector in Haiti he will not be happy with a message like that and I don't share it at all.

No burning of anything, no exile, no expropriation of property from anyone, no killing and internal divisions will be tolerated.

Through dialog we will prevail.

Those CIA Mormoni Jews don't create jobs at all but the Syrians and Lebanians have created some jobs although in small number.

We still need them to help Haiti.

No killing ok!

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We should ask them to leave,gives them a time...


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Well,we need to contact the Beninese people for help...

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