Sweet Mickey turns out to be Bitter Micky for Haiti

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Right now bourik charge commencer ap fait distribution de prix pou fanm ki parait innocent main ki gain pi gros lot agenda deyes.

Se konsa Americains tou jou commencer avant yo introduit madivinez ak macici nan gnou payi et pou yo fait pression pou payi ya changer lois pou accepter malproprete sa yo. Yo poual utilizer Sweet Micky pou introduit lois sa yo et si li dit non yap entrer avec li nan Floride mim fasson yo te fait ak Manuel Noriega paceque yo deja gain yin extensive dossier sou Micky.

Avant yo prend mesure sa yo na tande ke jounal suivant yo va commencer ap devoiler zin sou micky Zin ke yo te kimber secret pou yo vin utilizer yo comme cash:
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Jean Viaud Prediction, April 2 2011, 6:04 AM

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Stupid don't you know that Sweet Micky is not only the Messiah of the Kompas he is the new Messiah of the Haitian... read more >
Belle Cuisse, 2-Apr-11 1:44 pm
Becareful whit the word Messiah. Jesus is the Messiah.I have a bad feeling with this word when not used properly... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 2-Apr-11 4:13 pm
You misunderstood me.Tetkale prvides the titaback-blanc to his followers that worshiping him from their parachutes in... read more >
Messiah En Caton, 2-Apr-11 5:08 pm
Toulumin is on Sweet Micky payroll and works for the feed back information and the crack industry association read more >
Pomero Pale Franse Pas Di, 3-Apr-11 6:00 am
How do you know that he is on the 3 payrolls read more >
Sparrow-2, 3-Apr-11 2:18 pm
I was not under Preval and Duvalier's payrolls but you were and why should I be under Micky's payroll? I am not... read more >
Toulimen, 3-Apr-11 6:38 pm
Toulimen,you have spoken thru your soul not from your shadow. One more thing,few of us remain solid under the trap,you... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 3-Apr-11 7:54 pm
The boy is on three payrolls 1-Toulumin is on Sweet Micky payrol-SMP 2-Feed Back Information payroll- 3-Crack Industry... read more >
Hidden Income Board, 3-Apr-11 11:10 pm


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