Your posting is filled with good ideas and I agree with you...

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Your posting is filled with good ideas and I agree with you that Haitians are the ones destroying their own culture before any imperialistic countries.

The reason causing the destruction of our culture is this:"We have no leadership in our country and the Haitian Social Class has failed the country." Only strong and good leadership can save a country and we need to restore that leadership to save Haiti while saving our culture.

I was born under the Duvalier's Father regime and whatever judgment Haitians may hold about him, I don't care, Richele he was a leader.

He was a person who truly believed in the Haitian culture and he never wanted to sell or betray Haiti for foods or other material wealth from any imperialistic countries.

Haitians were respected and Duvalier Francois did not allow foreigners to show bad images of Haiti to tarnish Haiti's reputation like the United States media are doing it now. Duvalier believed in Haitian agriculture and he never wanted to industrialize the agriculture to produce chemical foods to feed Haitians.

He said if the industrialization of the agriculture is aimed to produce natural foods and not conventional foods to feed Haitians he would choose that option and if not Haiti would continue to produce foods organically to feed all Haitians.

He resisted Americans by refusing to change the definition of foods as all nutritive substances to chemical calories that produce energy into the human body to survive.

He refused to change the definition of homosexuality as chromosome impairments (causing sterility to control human population) to a positive and normal variation in human sexual orientation as imposed by the AMA (as known as American Medical Association) to his son Baby Doc in 1973.

He was a leader and although for some dissidents to his regime he was labeled a dictator.

As a dictator, he had saved and protected the Haitian culture while he was in power and all Haitians were respected overseas.

Duvalier managed Haiti with Haitian means by refusing corrupted aid to develop the country.

Richele, we have a culture and this culture is unique to genuine Haitians and not to those sold out-Haitians who are ready to sell their souls for those chemical foods.

We have a culture and only a good leader could restore that culture back. Haitians need a good leader that could help them unite for the best of Haiti.

A good leader who could place himself above all passions to unite others like Mandella.

We need a leader who could opt for an egalitarian society to make all males and females equals.

A leader who could dismantle the Haitian patriarchal system to a fair and egalitarian system for all. For instance, as a male myself, I should not view myself superior to any females and I should see a female as my equal partner and as a human like myself for the well being of my progenies.

Haiti needs a good leader that has human skills to eliminate oppression to save all Haitians.

Haiti needs a humanist leader to bring humanity to all Haitians.

If we can have such a leader, I bet you Haiti could be saved and redeemed and its culture could protected too. May the Almighty One spread his/her blessings over you!

Toulimen Legrand, March 29 2011, 9:59 AM

Topic: Cri D'Alarme Pour Sauver La Culture Haitienne Dans Les Yeux De L'Aigle

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Your posting is filled with good ideas and I agree with you that Haitians are the ones destroying their own culture... read more >
Toulimen Legrand, 29-Mar-11 9:59 am


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