We do not have what is call culture anymore in Haiti. If you...

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We do not have what is call culture anymore in Haiti.

If you pay close attention whenever time you go there, you should see that. First of all, when I was a kid in haiti, I never saw people with:body piercing all ove they face, belly button, tatoo,pants on peoples butts, people kissing while on chuch, lady kising with lady and man kissing with man.Kids have no respect for their parents I mean the list goes on. Something is wrong with the haitian people.They like to copy wrong image, instead of keep our values, principles that we learned from our parents, this is what call culture.

I know somtimes when we are not under parents control anymore, we let go some of our principles, cz we think we do not need them especially here in america.This is when we start lose our values, by copy at people and wrng people.Plus what is going on back home, all of these are contribute to why american has no respect towards us as nation.Yes[ti sousou leader nou yo]are part of the blame for losing our value, but for us as people we do more harm to ourselves destroying our culture than american want to destroy our culture.

If you know who you are, know where you from, and know where you are going so why copy at stupid american, jamaican or any other stupid people why.It simply we haitian have no brain, we have no idea of what we worth.Some haitian even claim themselves as jamaica, or something else how stupid is that. Calling yourself something that even wost than what u actually is, for me its a previlege being haitian.

I do not care what whoever says about me being haitian, as long I'm not stupid I'm proud for who I am. People that are not educated have stereotype about haitians are stupid, they all can kiss my haitian butt.For me being here in America, I do not have to kiss no body's butt for being here. My people came here in this so-called great country helped them fought to take this damn land from its owner which was indian, this is why american have no culture.See what I am say, they do not even have their own culture so why copy at them.See how stupid some of us are.To conclude it is not american that want to destroy our culture it is us we need to stop being sousou and stop being stupid.

Pa copie sou grimace american, pants dwe nan rin w pa sou boudaw, se pa sa kap fe fam rimin w, si ou ta we yon fam rimin w paske fam sa se avadra.

ou mimn fam kouvri body ou le w nan street la do not show your skin tomuch, like a prostitute.

Do not walk around with comb in your hair while in the store.

Clean your nails, pa mete moumou sou ou pou ale fe market Haitian rele sou tet nou!pa rele amwe nan cell phone while you in store shopping disturbing others, pa mete clap clap nan pie ou pou ale shopping.

pa di yes for everyting, if u do not understand say you don't understand, nothing to be a shame of this stupid English its not our's therefore its ok if u not understand some stuff haitian fe avk tet nou pa kouri ale fe pitit.

Pa ramase tout neg diol bokie pou money, use protection sonething call STD be smart haitian.Wash your face before going places, do not go places with your face greasy tankou machand grio. Se pa vini ap pren pose angendre sou blog la sou haitian pareil nou, epi nap mache tankou ranyon sale sou blanc yo.ap pale fracais ranyon epi le nou devan nou rete tet ate ap di wi san reason.

Richelle, March 28 2011, 11:35 PM

Topic: Cri D'Alarme Pour Sauver La Culture Haitienne Dans Les Yeux De L'Aigle

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