Crime Schools Duvalier regime graduated.Thing in the Agenda for Haiti

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The following picture will give the Haitian people an idea who are the master criminals and why they pick an person subject to black mail and pro Duvalieriste like Michel Martelly that will make the Duvalier regime looks like a boy scout in comparison to the atrocities the repressive regime of Michel Martelly will offers to Haiti.

A man who try to sell the sovereignty of Haiti by trying to have Haiti to become a part of Dominican republic and by giving the natural resources to the Americans in exchange to keep him in power.They will start a war between the voodooism and the christian in Haiti.

Money is being distributing among the church members to start an uprising against the voodooism like they are doing now in Tunisia, Egypt,Yemen, Libya and Syria.The pictures below will show you thing those criminal intend to do in Haiti very soon in the name of democracy for the few elites and servitude and degradation to 98% of the Haitian population where foreigners are living as kings and Queens and don't even needs a passport or visas to get there

Jean Jean, March 28 2011, 10:38 AM

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