You have said it all Linda, if he is really a smart...

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You have said it all Linda, if he is really a smart politician, he will know how to use those people for the greatness of all Haitians.

The best is not to fight with those internal and external dividers, but a good politician must have a well structured economic plan and follow it. As a well known industrial Haitian named Pierre Leger stated it in one of his last political interviews on Metropolis Radio that Haitian elites should renounce to their colonial mentality if they want Haiti to be economically developped.

He even further stated that Haitians have no entrepreunarial spirit.

Two things are missing in Haitians: "The Spirit of Free Enterprise to create jobs and also the Humanity Spirit to treat their fellow citizens with respect and dignity." Don't you see how much people are fighting against each other on this blog!

It is the result of oppression and we must say it outloud that Haitians are oppressed and the oppressors are the U.S. CIA agents and the maid elites of Haiti.

How can we make our common oppressors understand our social economic oppression?

How can we eliminate or reduce oppression for a peaceful coexistence among all?

Can Martelly do that?

If he is really smart as you said it in your posting he will do it, but I doubt it. The international community wants us to believe that Michel Martelly and Mirelande Manigat are outsiders in Haitian politics, but only naive people will believe that and not me.

However, with their dynamism they can help to save Haiti from the deep hole that it has found itself over the past 50 years with some political monsters who had managed it but I don't expect much more if the CIA agents and the Haitian maid elites can't change their attitude.

The solution to our problems is with the CIA agents and the internal colons of Haiti; and without a change of attitude into Haitian political affairs there will be no salvation for us. You may disagree with me depending on your political acquintaince but I value and respect your ideas.

As you may know it, rich and poor don't view politics as the same and that is why they disagree all the times, but I want to disagree with others without being a disagreeable person at all times.

May the Almighty One bless you!

Toulimen Legrand, March 26 2011, 4:26 PM

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You have said it all Linda, if he is really a smart politician, he will know how to use those people for the greatness... read more >
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