I knew Haitians would not note for a 71 years old Grandma but...

Souffrant - March 26 2011, 3:28 PM

I knew Haitians would not note for a 71 years old Grandma but the CEP and the International Community would.

On the preliminary results, they will test the Haitian will by giving to Mirelande an edge over Michel Martelly and if Haitians don't react, the international community will ask them to keep it that way. Mirelande Manigat will state this: "Devan Devan Net." If Haitians react by burning down the country, the international community will interfere and they will ask them for a careful recount that will respect the will of the Haitian people for peace and security in Haiti.

That is the foreseen scenario that this CEP will be playing with the Haitian people.

In Haiti, Haitians argue they will burn down a lot of things if the people's votes have been stolen by the CEP and the international community.

The International Community is willing to ask for Mirelande if Haitians can comply with the preliminary results but if they cannot comply, they will have no choice to let Martelly in. We are telling them to try their scenario and they will learn from our actions.

Whoever argues that whatever results that Haitians should comply, I want to tell him/her think and think twice.

However, all votes must be counted and respected based on the Proces Verbaux as posted on those elections offices' doors and there will be no whatever result ok. We are closed to a social revolution for we are tired of this repugnant mess in Haiti.

Watch and you will learn from Haitians in Haiti!

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