HE IS RIGHT. This is BY FAR the Mevz biggest fear yet the best...

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This is BY FAR the Mevz biggest fear yet the best hope for Haïti. Mevz know that if the diaspora were to resettle in Haiti in large numbers it would mean instant competition for his group in the areas employment market development, and prestige.

It has been reported that the richest 1% of Haitians (i.e. the haitian bourgeoisie) owns 54% of the nation's wealth.

The diaspora would come in ready to do business.

They are likely to come in with start up capital, Superior knowledge of manufacturing, marketing and distribution.

Access to exterior distributors and suppliers and so fourth.

This is automatic direct competition for his kind.

The diaspora is less likely to pay Haiti's meager minimum wage thus take much need workers away from the sweatshops.

Plus more likely treat workers with respect which would likely cause those working for the mevz to make demands that they can now not afford to do.

In the long run, fuel a economic and social development that the bourgeoisie have been fighting since before Haïti was even a State.

But, believe it or not this is EXACTLY the remedy for Haiti.

This is what fueled the Economic boom in both India and now China.

Young professionals expatriates (some of whom were not even born in either mainland) going back to the country of their parents to set-up shop and raise their children in a less hostel environment.

They realized that they have the tools to make it in their home country while giving their children top level education without the high cost of the US and Europe.

Two places where they would be, at best, middle class rats. Race home Son!

Jonjon1804, March 22 2011, 6:53 PM

Topic: Haitian Bourgeoisie Says No To Resettlement of Haitian Diaspora in Haiti

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Toulimen, 25-Feb-11 5:47 pm
HE IS RIGHT. This is BY FAR the Mevz biggest fear yet the best hope for Haiti. Mevz know that if the diaspora were to... read more >
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Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr, 23-Mar-11 2:11 pm
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