Hey dude get your facts straight. Pras owed only $19,000 not...

Ti Rene - March 19 2011, 4:48 PM

Hey dude get your facts straight.

Pras owed only $19,000 not $90,000 and after his check bounced he did give a $5,000 down payment toward his debt. And here is a good link to the story:

So conclusions regarding Tet kale croonies:
1) They do not steal THAT much, just a little.

2) And if they do they will give SOME of it back.

I say this prooves that at least SOME money will be left from the eathquake money if Tet Kale becomes president.

Now just as long as he does not attempt to settle his foreclosed properties in Miami with the left over money?

BTW anybody out there knows if diplomatic immunity from being president protects an incumbent from defaulted mortgage loans even after his presidential term?

Just curious...


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