Yes Heor She can bring change to Haiti for the people!

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr. - March 19 2011, 12:04 AM

As many are wondered about the political outcome of Haiti and the challenge that the new president will have to face; however, Both candidates will make great difference of their leadership between the Lavalas and others.

Haiti is a great country with lack of leadership.

When we are listen to the candidates before the election on March 20th 2011, it seems like Michel Martelly will be a very good asset for the country, He demonstrates charismatic, honesty reliability, transparency, decentralization deconcentration of state wealth and management.

Yes Haiti can be better and it will be with one of the two candidates who will be President of the country.

I will respect the vote of the people and follow the law as a good citizen to benefit my country.

Both candidates seem having the desire to move Haiti forward, but we must unite together for a bright tomorrow.

I believe the most articulate voice and opinion will win and name the next president of Haiti.

No more exile ever to repeat in my country, if crime and abuse of power committed bring the offender to Court and if crime against humanity committed bring them to the international Tribunal in the Hague.

We have seen some example like in Sierra Leon Charles Taylor has to respond for crime, Bosnia, and now Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, etc., the revolution will start very soon against the lavals regime for the past fourteen years in power for crimes committed against humanity against the Metayer's family, the many families that the love ones have eaten by pork and dogs under aristide regime and no one dare to talk and the lavalas will set them a blaze of fire. Please who ever become president make me a big favor don't forget to bring these leaders to justice.

Don't just let them live at large like they don't know what they have done. Yes they shall stay and live Haiti their country, but they should face justice.

However, many people are awaited the calling for arrestation of aristide like wise Jean Claude Duvalier at the time of his arrival then it will be an injustice to Jean Claude Duvalier not to call aristide to see the magistrate for his crimes.Mr. Aristide no free ride, who ever elected President will arrest you to face justice.

And if you are honest as said you should bring yourself to the court of justice.

the next president you have a big task ahead of you, but God will protect you. I am available for Cabinet Ministerial Counseling to all of you who are so desired.

May God richly bless the new President to stand for Haiti not for crazy fanatism.

Thank you for the opportunity to learn from other people like you.


Pastor Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

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