This guy is a self-proclaimed psychologist with an honorary...

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This guy is a self-proclaimed psychologist with an honorary degree bought on the web. He does not understand the duty or task of a Constitution Council as compared to Former Haitian Heads of State Council as known as in French "Conseil Des Anciens Chefs D'Etat Haitien." The latter will be the first institution to contact when a political crisis arises in Haiti before reaching the International Community instances such as UN, OAS, CARICOM, UNESCO, BID, IMF, EU, ASEAN, UA, CDAO and so on to name a few. This council will prevent future coups d'etats in Haiti.

It will have the duty to cooperate with the Haitian Parliament to create more democratic laws for a better Haitian society.

The self-proclaimed psychologist doctor as identified by Harry Claude St-Fleur just jumps into the debate in spreading lies all over. I was terrified reading a post like that when I learned that it was written by an educated person named Harry Claude St-Fleur.

It is sad Tiba that we are wasting our time to enlight others on those subjects.

Once again, I want to tell him that a Constitutional Council must be managed in any society by Constitutional Experts, Legalists or Jurists such as former judges of the highest courts, lawyers and law professors or scholars to name a few. The Haitian Parliament is the only institution and along with the Executive Power has the accreditation to create such a body of law. This guy just jumps on board and he keeps spreading lies to make a name for himself.

I believe that he does not even understand the difference between sociology and psychology as being a self-proclaimed psychologist doctor on this blog. It is sad my friend and if Middy was here what would she say?

Take care and may the ALMIGHTY ONE bless you!

Toulimen, March 18 2011, 9:06 AM

Topic: Crétion du Conseil Constitutionnel

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This guy is a self-proclaimed psychologist with an honorary degree bought on the web. He does not understand the duty... read more >
Toulimen, 18-Mar-11 9:06 am


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