Opportunist or False Leader?

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The leader who invited the imperalism and colonialism forces in their soils are the ones who are restavek and slave, but as for me I am born to be a revolutionary, peace maker, patriotist, and nationalist for my people and with my people.

It is time to be a man not a child able to make the difference knowing wrong and right.

Haiti will not deliver with those rats and cats if it wasn't with the time of Capois Lamort, Charlesmagne Peralta, Dessalines, Toussaint, Catherine, Christophe, Boisrond Tonnerre etc., Haitians wake up fight and open your eyes Aristide look up for his two daughters to be the next President of Haiti while you are taken the street bear foot to manifest for Him. I love you dear Haitian People, go to beds take your kids to school teach them to have a good education so one day you will not fight for aristide but fighting your kids to be President of Haiti this is my dream for you. I know you will not understand me due that the devil make you blind and aristide with white and black magic has taken your conscience not able to think right.

Believe me I am on your sight I love you but this truth will not make you be my friend.This nut only wanted power and popularity.

God will deliver our country from the hands of the mercenaries but we must put our trust in God not in arisitde to deliver Haiti, then he would do it for himself long time ago.


Past Rivel Dumaine, Dr.

Pastor Rivel Dumaine Dr., March 18 2011, 8:31 AM

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