MICKY: Yes We Can Through Regimes' Change

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Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue has been in the political apparatus for almost 40 years.

She went on and on with several ministerial positions in all those past governments with Duvalier, Cedras, Preval, Manigat, Aristide, Avril and Trouillot to name a few. It is time to retire those people for they are the ones who are preventing Haiti from developping itself.

We must change Haiti's political apparatus by not rehiring those people to change the statu quo which Mirelande Manigat represents herself.

She will rehire those political insiders to continue the politics of more of the same. Enough is enough, Micky vows not to rehire them to change Haiti.

The failure of Haiti for the past 50 years came with those people and they are the ones to blame for it. Enough is enough and we all can say yes we can and yes we can change this political dynamic.

We must give Haiti a chance to economically develop itself.

A vote for Micky is a vote for inclusion, freedom of speech and a vote for change like Obama is doing it in Washington.

Toulimen, March 15 2011, 1:47 PM

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