Serge Beaulieu: Insiders Cannot Make Any Expected Change In Haiti

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Beaulieu as known as Bouboul has been missed for years in Haiti and if he was alive he would tell us not to vote for Mirelande Manigat because of her ties with the insiders of the Aristide, Preval and Duvalier's regimes like Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue who has been holding ministerial positions for almost 4 decades.

This proves to us that Manigat will continue the statu quo as Martelly vowed not to rehire those political insiders.

Haitian people, I am asking you to vote for MICKY if you want change to occur in Haiti.

Micky will not rehire those people but Mirelande will rehire them to continue the Statu Quo. All Preval's ministers as represented by the Dark Knights on this blog are calling on their followers to vote for Mirelande.

We are calling for regimes' change in Haiti.

Please ask for your loved ones to vote Martelly in the last four days to change Haiti.

Toulimen, March 15 2011, 1:36 PM

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