The Dark Knights Has Officially Endorsed Mrs Manigat For President of Haiti

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We, The Dark Knights, have officially endorsed Mrs. Mirlande Manigat to be the next president of Haiti.

We respect Mr. Michel Martelly's Contitutional Rights to be a candidate for the top job of Haiti.

But we have decided to endorse Mrs Manigat after digging both candidates' records.

We have enough information that convinces us, The Dark Knights, rejecting the choice of Mr. Martelly in favor of Mrs. Manigat.

We wish Mr. Martelly and his campaign staff respecting our rights of choice, and our duty to help Mrs. Manigat reaching her goal and the interest of the nation in this election.

Mrs. Manigat is the next Haitian President; she's replacing President Rene Garcia Preval, she's doing what she has to do for our Haitian people, she's organizing the next election, and she's exiting on February 7, 2016, peacefully and respectful.

We urge Mr. Martelly and his campaign staff to be very smart into this election.

We repeat, to be very smart in this election.

We love Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, we love his character Sweet Mickey that he's tried to take a hike from in this election, we love our Haitian people, and we HATE ignorance and the fragile conditions of our Haiti.

We urge our Haitian people (registered voters)to go vote massively, on Sunday, March 20, 2011, for Mrs. Mirlande Hyppolite Manigat president of Haiti.

"Banm Manmanm!"

The Dark Knights
The Great King is Coming

The Dark Knight, March 15 2011, 12:39 AM

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