Mrs Manigat Wants Only Electronic Votes In Haiti

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We have no problems with electronic votes.

We know that it is an efficient way to speed up the electoral process but we want like Israelis both systems to counter any electoral frauds.

Haiti should never eliminate manual votes if they don't want others to win like Georges Bush in the past two U.S. elections.

We need both systems for complete back up. It is the time to start promoting both systems.

Preval's camp is paying some young Haitians to throw rocks at her favored candidate to tarnish Michel Martelly's reputation.

Meanwhile via Radio Metropole today, Micky calls for the return of all exiled politics because the Haitian Constitution bans exile for all Haitians.

He suggests that Aristide could return on March 21 or 22 and he welcomes him back to Haiti.

He said if Duvalier could return Aristide should do it too, but he would love him to be back in Haiti on March 21, 2011 so no one would use his presence as a pretext to cover up any possible problems.


ood statement Michel and I wish Aristide a warm welcome too. I am also expecting the return of all other exiled political leaders so all Haitians can unite and heal themselves.

Pras states that Haiti will be set on fire if they steal their votes this time. He said that most of the young Haitians aged 18 to 35 and almost all Haitian peasants support Martelly.

He believes with no doubt at all and if there is no electoral fraud Martelly will win with a landslide vote. Beton an cho e Martelly deja prezidan.

Tout vomisman chyen yo met komanse griyen dan yo!

Toulimen, March 14 2011, 8:41 PM

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