Martelly: Haiti Should Have 5 Different Capitals under 5 Administrative Div

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I am asking you Martelly for the first time to write an administrative decree to divide Haiti under 5 administrative divisions to allow the decentralization to occur and each administrative division should have its own capital and its own regional government.

You should do that and the new Haitian government should start with you Martelly as the second youngest Haitian president in power in Haiti.

Martelly once again you have proven to the world and to Haiti that you are the leader who can gather competent people around you to save Haiti.

If you miss this opportunity you will suffer a lot and many more people will suffer.

You should put a biometric system in place to allow this to happen.

We are with you and we want you to succeed.

Martelly, please listen to us and do it to save Haiti.

It is a long administrative overdue.

Return Haiti back to its 5 administrative divisions the way it was created before that moron Duvalier Father destroyed Haiti.

Haiti needs to have 5 capitals and 5 regional governments.

The New Port-Au-Pce Capital should be the place for the Central Government.

We need to have 5 different Houses of representatives to create regional laws under the Main Haitian Congress framework.

If you cannot do that Martelly there will be no decentralization that will occur in Haiti in the days ahead.

Please Martelly, listen to us and decentralize Haiti this way with 5 regional autonomous governments.

You can do it and I want you to do it. What do you think Tiba?

Please do not answer those morons ok!

Toulimen, March 13 2011, 11:01 PM

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