Vote To Have One Haiti To Change Our Social Landscape

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I support your argumentation that Haiti needs to adopt the First Written Constitution of 1801 with Dessalines with some constitutional amendments added to it due to the new Haitian daily realities.

Those so-called Duvalierist experts who wrote the Constitution of 1987 were CIA's paid experts to reduce the Haitian presidential function to nothing to help America keeping Haiti under its protectorate.

We will be doomed to failure if we don't get rid of that monstruous constitution.

All those experts live in Bouthiliers, Peguyville, Ti-Rocher (Little Rock), Bellevue, Petionville, Thomassaint, Furcy, Ganthier, Kenskoff and Black Mountain to name a few, those are rich suburbs in Haiti with the rich who are not paying any property taxes on their luxury houses that are worth one million dollar and two million dollars for least.

Those people have libraries, drug stores and grocery stores and other businesses like in the U.S. and they have their own private planes to land in their neighborhood with no state supervision at all. They are driving cars that worth million dollars with no license plates on them. Duvalier owns three houses in Little-Rock (Ti-Rocher), Peguyville and Black Mountains and he is not paying any taxes on them and no Haitians could visit those rich suburbs and the earthquake did not damage their houses at all. How can we have one Haiti for all Haitians when those rich are not paying taxes on their houses, cars and other services they are enjoying in their superb villas in Haiti?

How can Haiti be one when you have one Haiti for the rich and another one for the poor?

Bill Clinton was surprised to notice so many superb houses in Haiti in those rich suburbs when others are saying that Haiti is a poor country.

How can the average Haitian like his or her country when knowing those rich are not paying taxes on anything in Haiti?

They simply tell the government not to give them any services at all so they can run their own private government in those rich superb suburbs in Haiti.

Should we have one Haiti for all Haitians?

And how can we do that?

It is time to put an end with the politics of rich suburbs in Haiti and shanty towns in that country.

If Micky cannot hold all Haitian landowners and homeowners accountable in Haiti to reduce Haiti's dependency toward the foreign countries, we should call for a social revolution in Haiti!

We should be enrolled into the new Haitian army to achieve such a goal. Haiti will be due for a strong economic and political revolution if the rich refuse to pay taxes, and no one can ask poor Haitian people to pay taxes either.

Martelly believes that the Etat De Droit does not exist in Haiti and he is right and I want him to bring this Etat De Droit back in Haiti.

I want him to supervize all Haiti's cities and suburbs and Haitians should have the right to visit all those suburbs through their school touristic projects so they can know their own country.

All Americans can go to any hotel in Montana state since they can pay their own plane tickets and their hotel fees. They are not restricted like us who cannot visit Labadie, Ti-Rocher, Peguyville, Black Mountain, Furcy, Bellevue and other suburbs to name a few.

We need Haiti to be one Haiti for all Haitians if they don't want us to call for a strong economic revolution.

We will find a way to change Haiti and believe me one day Haiti we will have one Haiti for all Haitians.

We will not have a rich school like Saint-Louis de Gonzagues for the rich people but we will have several Saint-Louis De Gonzagues schools in Haiti with the same national teaching curriculum for all. Rich Haitians are dirty morons for not allowing all Haitians to be educated in the same manner with them. We cannot blame whites when those morons in Haiti are not acting any better than them. It is sad to let those rich running Haiti like Jim Crow in the South of U.S. in the 1860s to 1965s.

We need to wake up and understand what's going on! Although I support Micky for the position he is looking for, he is still among the rich gang of the Black Mountain suburb, and he has a house there.

How can Micky ask all homeowners to pay taxes in Haiti to manage Haiti well?

Where in the world rich people are not asked to pay taxes?

The oligarch families in Haiti should pay taxes on their own private government in those rich suburbs that are part of Haiti.

Can Micky do that?

I doubt it. I am supporting him because I believe that he is qualified for a job that requires a high school diploma to do so based on the reduction of Haitian presidential power in Haiti based on Haitian Constitution of 1987. Is Micky the man of the reforms that we are dreaming of?

I doubt it.

Is Mirelande Manigat a woman of the reforms that we are all dreaming of?

No. Can Micky articulate the message of the poor to those rich morons in those rich suburbs in Haiti?

May be! Haitians, don't fool yourselves and to repeat Tiba Haiti will be far to have a good running government.

We are bad and that is why we cannot change Haiti period.

Rwanda had made a revolution to change their country for real. It was a bloody revolution and some people got trialed and judged but they change the dynamic there.

They remove social classes and they change Rwanda after several years of economic embargo for a better Rwandan society.

We need to be brave to call for a revolution if Micky cannot bring changes after 2 years in power.

We should allow him some time and through the power of the web to launch a social revolution to remove all economic barriers in Haiti and we will do it and we can do it. Tiba, I agree with you and one day we will liberate Haiti.

The United States in the days ahead will sell a device to prevent all dictatorial nations from blocking the internet contents in their countries.

The owner of this blog, named Mevz blocks this site in Haiti and only the rich in Haiti are reading what we are writing.

This blog is spying on us and they got all our IPs so we can be watched and killed once we decide to go back to Haiti.

I am warning all of you to be careful in case you want to visit or return to Haiti.

May The Almighty One bless you!

Toulimen, March 13 2011, 6:15 PM

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