A Person With A U.S. High School Diploma Can Be President In Haiti

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For all those of you who think that I am so against Mirelande Manigat for the Haitian presidency, I would advise you to read carefully my postings and I am not promoting myself in any ways you may have thought of it. I am telling the truth.

I don't want Mirelande Manigat to seek a lower level job management like that although it is an executive job. Now, I agree more with Tiba who has argued earlier that the Haitian constitution was the worst piece of constitution that Haiti had ever voted and I have remorse for voting it after it was created.

This was a constitution written by one of the prominent Duvalierist members, Dr. Louis Eugene Roy, the uncle of Veronique Roy the current concubine of Jean-Claude Duvalier.

This guy as instructed by the United States CIA and France had transferred most of the presidency powers to the Haitian Prime Minister.

The Haitian president is a political puppet who needs some management skills to negotiate on behalf of the Haitian people by coordinating all administrative tasks to better serve them. Tiba, I am asking you to forgive me because I did not pay much attention to the Haitian Constitution after I left the Haitian Law school.

I got good grades for constitutional courses because I just wanted to pass them. I reread that constipation/constitution when they started with the Haitian Electoral Process and I have discovered so many discrepancies and if I believe if I had understood those discrepancies at the time they created it I would never vote for it.

The Duvalierists made all Haitian president successors their administrative puppets after they left power in Haiti and this shows you how much Duvalierists were and continue to be bad in Haiti and the political puppets who succeeded them became worst and more corrupted.

This is a country filled with a lot of political monsters that we can call them morons who keep spreading fear-mongering to bash other qualified Haitians.

After Duvalier, the American CIA and the Duvalierists made all Haitian presidents becoming a political puppet with no real executive powers besides of signing trade agreements, presiding over cabinets' meetings, submitting law projects to the Haitian Congress, appointing some cabinet members and representing Haiti overseas which any High School Diploma person can do such kind of job whereas a Prime Minister needs to have many required skills such as management, accounting, finance, marketing, operations, trading skills, law, economy, international relations and education to name a few.

Mirelande with her doctorate degree in political sciences is well trained to occupy a position like that and not a low skill management job like the Haitian presidency.

Mirelande believes that she can return the presidential functions back by to the president being a president herself and I will tell her that the Duvalierists in Haiti will not let her do that and the CIA also will kick her out of power.

One of the reasons that forces the Duvalierists to write a constitution with no presidential power was the American president during that time could not see a strong Haitian president who could level up with him in the region and to transform Haiti into a mess they had to have a weak Haitian president to promote their agenda and they had done it with Duvalierist Dr. Louis E. Roy.

What one needs to do in Haiti is to decrease the salary of the president job by half and increase the Prime Minister salary to make it an elective position.

If we can do that one can require the Haitian president to nominated by the Haitian Congress like in Israel or other parts of the world.

Based on the Haitian Constitution the presidency job does not require more skills besides all those referenced earlier above.

I don't see why Mirelande is running for such a position?

She has done nothing good over the past 25 years to promote her agenda through the Haitian Congress by getting more elected representatives in that Congress like Preval had done it to be in power again with INITE either with Celestin or another appointed Preval's Minister.

After Duvalier is Preval Duvalier and after him will be Mirelande Celestin or Micky Duvalier/Preval.

I am not fooling you all, I want you to understand the political realities in Haiti.

To me, all political candidates in Haiti are Caciquat Chiefs or Tribal Leaders and I don't see in them the wind of change.

Some people may think that Micky is an outsider but that is not the case, Micky is a Duvalierist like Manigat, Aristide or Preval and there is no difference between them at all. Micky has enough qualification as being a sociologist college graduate from Colorado University in Boulder in Colorado to lead Haiti's presidency which only requires a High School Diploma based on the Haitian Constitution.

I don't see how a well trained political scientist expert like Mirelande is eager to fill a puppet job like that.

If she is willing to go that low where she can occupy other real executive functions requiring lot of credentials I doubt of her expertise and I only think that Lesly Manigat could be her backing support if appointed to be president through electoral frauds which are their expertise at this level.

Mirelande is too qualified to seek a puppet job like that. Read the haitian Constitution and you will all agree with me. If she is really trained in political sciences she would have sought the Prime Minister job over the past 25 years by electing more representatives in the Senate as well as in the Haitian House of Representatives like Preval has done it with INITE.

After Preval will be another Preval and you will not have any room for changes in Haiti.

To conclude, I would say the Haitian presidency job will best fit Michel Martelly as a former Orchestra Chief than Mirelande Manigat who has higher management skills not accredited her to fill a puppet job like that. Mirelande's political party has not done a good job over the past 25 years and that is why INITE will fill the gap for her. She is doomed to failure by seeking a puppet presidency job. I would never seek a job like that. Her credentials should be scrutinized because I don't believe she does understand Haitian Political realities and as a self-appointed constitutional expert and she does not understand that constitution over the past 25 years.

She lacks credibility to lead for not understanding Haitian political realities before running for that silly puppet job.

Toulimen, March 13 2011, 2:54 PM

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