non-Constitutional Expert Seeks Haitian Presidency Job

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I like reading your postings on this blog. You always provide facts to back up your opinion and your level of reasoning always impresses me. You have raised serious questions about scholarly instructed people and educated citizens.

In fact, I love educated citizens better than scholarly instructed citizens like Mirelande Manigat.

The latter is a person of class with her college degrees but at the end many of us including herself will realize that we are nothing else than simple human beings with blood and flesh despite all of those credentials.

College degrees cannot accredit one to be president in any country in the world if a person does not know how to convey messages to others.

Mirelande represents the Haitian Bourgeoisie's interests as well as the international community.

In Haiti, we need a leader that can directly talk to all Haitian people and we need someone to be connected to us; and someone who understands our pain, suffering and humiliation all around the world and Michel Martelly embodies all that. He will be on job training like Obama, Sarkozy and Medvedev and he will do a better job than those Haitian political insiders that Emboa is referring to. Michel with his bachelor degree in sociology has enough knowledge to manage a little state like Haiti.

He does not need more than that. To be president in Haiti one only needs a simple U.S. High School diploma based on the Dr. Roy's Constitution which reduces the presidential power to a puppet.

Why fighting for a silly job like that when one knows a simple elementary's school budget in the United States with 300 enrolled students largely outweighs the Haitian government budget.

I am asking this Emboa to surf the net to find information that he needs to understand about the political realities of this small country called Haiti.

As Micky told Obama, Haiti made other countries becoming rich and he would do his best to stop this mess. We need Mirelande as a Haiti State University President (Recteur) or Education Ministry, Foreign Secretary or Prime Minister and not a low level job position as president.

The big boss in Haiti is the Prime Minister and s/he is the only one who has really a true executive job and not the president based on the Haitian Constitution.

Mirelande with her doctorate degrees would do a better job to fill any of those administrative positions.

I don't want her to be president and if Haitian decide to choose her I would not go back to Haiti and the message I will get is this: Only Haitians with doctorate degrees can be president and the presidency job will be reserved to only to scholarly instructed citizens with masters or doctorate degrees.

We need well educated people to occupy real administrative positions and not an easy job like being a Haitian President.

I want the state of Haiti to use its real resources where they are needed.

We all know Mirelande is administratively qualified to occupy a real upper management job level position among the ones referred earlier but I will not appoint her in a low job level management which is the Haitian Presidency.

Read the Haitian Constitution and find out about the executive functions of the president and you will see that the Haitian president is nothing else than being a puppet and that is why Mirelande is pleading for another constitution.

She knows that but she has not worked hard enough to make that happen.

If she was not busy looking for a low level job like that she would have done a better job with her RDNP political party to get a majority of senators and house of representatives appointed in the Haitian Congress to be Prime Minister to change Haiti.

A Prime Minister backs up with a majority of senators and house of representatives in Haiti can be the real person of change and many things can happen.

For myself, I perceive all those political candidates as Caciquats in Haiti and many of them have no plan and really no vision to reform or revolutionize Haiti.

Micky knows that he will not have power to do anything because all the powers are concentrated into the hand of the Prime Minister but as a smart and intelligent person as being a former Orchestra Chief and Sociologist person he would gather around him the best scholarly instructed citizens like Mirelande and Lesly Manigat for a better Haitian society.

Again, Mirelande Manigat can do a better job if given the opportunity to serve than being a puppet president and if she wants to serve the Haitian people before she dies I am advising her to think about the next real executive job to do.

For myself, the Haitian presidency based on the Constipation/Constitution of Dr. Louis Roy, the founding father's creator of that constitution and the uncle of Veronique Roy the current concubine of Jean-Claude Duvalier, will be the last job for to seek. I truly believe that Mirelande is looking for this job to boost her doctorate title and if she really wanted to serve Haiti she would think about other executive positions to move Haiti forward.

As a self-proclaimed Constitutionalist expert, she does not understand the Haitian Constitution and if she had really understood it years ago she would have the best and the strongest political party in Haiti with a Haitian Congress filled with her party members to be Prime Minister in Haiti.

This is a shame and I have a lot of doubt about her intellectual credential and abilities to lead Haiti.

It is sad Tiba to see real educated Haitian people acting as ignorant of the Haitian political realities.

After the elections, I will call her and congratulate her for her courageous political participation in that stupid electoral process but I will seize the opportunity to bash her about her lack of understanding of the Haitian constitution and how she did not seize the opportunity to make her political party to be the strongest political party within the Haitian Congress to lead Haiti over the past 25 years.

She had done nothing good besides of running for the Haitian presidency.

I will tell her straight that I am not happy about her political legacies in Haiti.

Running for president should be the last and the last step for a person who truly believes in change in her country but that is not the case for her. She is running for a title and a paycheck and she wants us to believe that having a doctorate degree can accredit anyone to be president in Haiti.

That is what I feel Tiba and I don't know if you share my feeling about it. Micky does not have the knowledge to be a Prime Minister but he has the knowledge to be president because the job of the president is nothing else than being a real negotiator on behalf of the Haitian people by signing trade agreements, accrediting diplomats overseas, representing Haiti overseas, presiding over the Presidential and the Prime Minister Cabinets' members, writing law projects for change and knowing how to link all governmental services for a better Haitian society.

Whereas the job of a Prime Minister requires knowledge in many areas such as accounting, international relations, law, education, economy, statistics, finance, marketing, and higher management skills and I believe Mirelande has a lot do with those skills if she is really holding a good doctorate degree in Political Sciences.

In Political Sciences, one is trained to have all the above skills to do real executive job and not a low level job like the Haitian presidency who has no power than being a puppet based on the Duvalierist Dr. Roy's Constitution.

The latter reduced the Haitian Presidency power to nothing and Haitian political candidates are still looking and fighting for a silly job like that. I feel ashamed for a Constitutionalist expert like Mirelande to be looking for a silly job like that and if she can lower herself to that point that proves to me she is not really qualified as many may have thought of it. Take care my friend!

Toulimen, March 13 2011, 1:26 PM

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