Michel Martelly Is Leading Widely In Haiti's Elections

Toulimen Legrand - March 11 2011, 8:03 PM

You have ten more days to stop all lies. BRIDES's survey is the best one than your unknown survey from an individual who does not even know how to run a survey.

It is not Toulimen who says that Martelly is the front runner but the Nouveliste Newspaper which is a well known newspaper in Haiti.

You can check it on the net to find out. Google Nouveliste and you will read it yourself and learn the truth.

I don't want to accuse your ignorance but Toulimen is not telling lies and has no reason to lie.

Listen, Toulimen has no connection with Micky and he is not looking for job in the Micky's government.

He is a well educated person, very humble and a decent person that everyone will love to have around.

Toulimen is a person of principles and a law-abiding citizen capable of bringing humanity to both the oppressors and the oppressed ones. Toulimen is not a selfish person who is only looking out for himself but for everyone.

I want all Haitians to be served in a respectful manner whether they are rich or poor. I want rich and poor to love themselves and love each other for a peaceful community and that is Toulimen's fight.

Toulimen believes that all Haitians are not bad. However, some lose their humanity while making others losing theirs, but in the middle of this fight Toulimen says this: NO ONE IS FREE WHEN OTHERS ARE OPPRESSED.

We need to stop oppressing our fellow brothers and sisters in Haiti and especially the women.

Mrs Manigat represents the Statu Quo and Micky represents the change.

I don't see Mirelande as a person who is truly dedicated to fight on behalf of women to remove oppression against women in our society.

I don't see her as a patriarchal fighter rather I perceive her as a slow reformator and not a revolutionary person who can drastically change the system.

She is too submissive and she seems to be happy with the current system.

Martelly is not happy with this system and he has the will to change it; and if he cannot change it, I will fight against him because i am not attached to anyone.

I was supporting Manigat before Micky and once she had lied about Preval's group being attacking her after she received an armored car from Preval I just turned my back on her. She did not need to do that because her intellectual abilities could accredit her to lead in Haiti.

Once a leader can accept to lie by fomenting faked plot, s/he can do anything to get elected.

That is why I rejected Mirelande.

Micky is honest and sincere.

He is a courageous person who is not scared to denounce the statu quo and again he gets the ok of the Haitian Bourgeoisie to change Haiti's administrative system for a better country.

Accept the truth and join the winner's camp before it is too late. Micky will be the next president of Haiti if there is no electoral fraud occured although the Manigats are experts in electoral frauds.

Haitian masses and the elites say no and they will not be considered as dogs' vomit eaters by Manigat another time. Are you a dog poo eater?

I don't think so, you are too bright to be a dog vomit eater person.

That's what it is about being a Manigat's supporter.

Join the winning camp before it is too late ok!

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