blog manager please stop obscenity on this blog

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It is time for Haitians to know that they must act as real human beings because the world is taking notes from this blog. I am asking you to stop immediately all obscenities posted on your blog if you don't want to be held accountable before FCC and the U.S. Congress.

You are responsible for all contents posted on this blog and they can take this site down and you can be jailed too. You need to stop those obscenities.

Haitians need to use common sense and civility to debate on issues that can unite or dividing them.

It is the time for civility and common sense and if I have to read those obscenities on this SITE I will leave this BLOG as quickly as possible.

It is too much and you must step up to correct that. Sometimes you block people that are against the Haitian Bourgeoisie and once they disagree with your posted contents, you block them for no reason.

Now, some bloggers go off the board by using vulagrities and you don't block them because you are pleased with those contents.

Anyway, if you cannot stop it I may have to leave this site. I am glad that this is site is not broadcasted in Haiti because Haitians in Haiti would be sad to read those vulgarities from the mouths of the Haitian Diaspora where they could take all Haitians living overseas as ignorant...

Toulimen, March 10 2011, 1:20 PM

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