I will not say to forget about the haitians bourgeois to...

Jean Pierre Alexandre - March 8 2011, 7:21 AM

I will not say to forget about the haitians bourgeois to invest in Haiti,
But the haitians diaspora have more greens, euros to invest in Haiti.

Every year the diaspora send back home over 2 billion dollars.

To my eyes the only thing i see, the so-called Haitians elites with their way of doing bznss is very bad, bad to the bones.

They come or acte like a vaccum to our sour system.

1) The elites don't buy goods from the Haitian farmers in bulk or no distrubution system.

2)The shop over seas.
3)they import goods without control or balance to the country.

4)they even(import) have overseas workers from the Phillipines to work as managers, accountants ect...

(Boulos and some others monkeys),(we have qualified individual in Haiti).

Again i will say it."death to all of them."
The diaspora can take over.

Fuck them all elite monkeys in Haiti to death.


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