CIA's Inquisition Order On Killing Voodoo Priests Must Stop

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Our culture has been tarnished again by CIA Christian Missionaries in Haiti with the killing of many Voodoo Priests who had done nothing wrong to receive death at their hands.

Haitian peasants are about to get massacred again in Dominican Republic if there is not a real Haitian leader in power.

Some people were voicing this fact earlier and I thought it was not real, but the Dominican media today seem to convince me that they are close to another massacre against Haitians again.

The United States will continue to promote bad images of Haitian as they had done it under Lesly Manigat's government.

We need a strong leader who has the support of the Haitian Bourgeoisie, poor as well as the urban youth.

The country is sinking and worst will come ahead if we don't vote a leader who gives priority to Haiti and Haitians.

As Obama is for America Micky will be the same to Haiti.

Micky will restore our Haitian values and he believes in his people like Leonel Fernandez in Dominican Republic.

He is the only Haitian leader who told Obama that Haiti is not a poor country and he told him straight to his face that Haiti could take care of itself if he has given the opportunity to serve.

For sure, he will be given this opportunity and all Haitian Bourgeois promise to invest in Haiti now and they have asked him to borrow money from them to develop Haiti.

Isn't that great?

Nou pa pral pote bol ble nou devan kominote entenasyonal sa anko. MINUSTAH will leave and Haiti will be free. Micky has won my heart with his vibrant calls overseas and in Haiti.

I believe that he willbe the best Haitian leader ever for appointing many competent Haitians to serve under his government.

In Florida, he said that he would call on all competent people to serve and transparency will be the key factor of his government.

He does not only play music but for all those dog vomit eaters as called by Lesly Manigat, I would love to tell them that Micky will do a good job as president.

He has no ennemy and he will be the president of all.

We will have a lot of new created associations such as Former Haitian Presidents Council, General National Assemby, Mayors Association, Board of Governors, Truth and Reconciliation Committee to name a few. Haiti will become the pearl of the Caribbean and it will be good for all. Good Luck President Micky!

Toulimen, March 7 2011, 8:00 PM

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