Mirelande Does Not Understand Youth Music Because She Is Too Old

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Mirelande Manigat will not be elected because she is too old. 71 years old mean a lot for a woman and she can make a lot of mistakes.

America rejected McCain because the young believe that he was too old. It will be the same for Mirelande as a Grandmother.

Haiti needs a mother but not a grandma.

At this age, Mirelande should be giving advices to a young leader so the country could move forward.

Mirelande said that she does not understand youth's music because she is seven generations apart from them. She will not connect with us because she is too old. We need two people to run and make elections but I am telling you the peasants, Haitian Bourgeois and the masses in those slum towns in Haiti will not vote for her. Everywhere in Haiti people keep saying that they trust Martelly better than her and in Dominican Republic Dominicans state that they will be pleased to have a young person president in Haiti than a grandma.

It is a question of time and we will not talk about grandma anymore.

I have almost called all the leaders at Haiti State University to vote for Martelly.

My political groups vow to vote for him too. I have made so many political alliances on Facebook and Twitter for Martelly there will be no room for Mirelande.

I am the one with the power of the net to bring down Baker and I had helped Mirelande to be in the position she is now, but after she lied with her fake plot about Preval's group attacking one her close associates I withdrew my support to her and she is losing considerably.

She keeps calling me but I don't return her call. With the power of the net, I will bring her down in less than two weeks.

I did it with Baker and I would do it with her. She cannot lead because she is too old. We need a young leader to lead us and Haitian peasants and the youth will answer that call. Martelly will be our next leader.

I hope that you understand it!

Toulimen, March 7 2011, 6:24 PM

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