Martelly: The End Of Business As Usual With Mirelande M. Preval

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It is a matter of time and Haitian peasants who are accounted for 60% of the Haitian population and the Bourgeoisie along with the Haitian masses will teach all doctorate candidates a lesson.

For all I know, Martelly will not rebuild Haiti the way it was before, but Mirelande and Preval would rebuild as business as usual.

Martelly has good taste and he would change the image of Haiti in the days ahead.

He will build a solid highway and not national roads like Preval and Manigat Celestin.

He would create more schools and Haiti will produce.

Martelly will unlock Haitian potentialities and he believes that Haitians can produce to feed themselves.

With him Haiti will stop being a laboratory of experiments for other countries.

Haiti will change the aid model and some Haitians will stop being racketeerians, mafia and beggars.

We will rebuild and if he does not win I will not return to Haiti anymore.

I am a biracial bicultural person and I will go back to Benin to help and I will be welcome in my second home country.

However, I am confident if there is no electoral fraud occurred as predicted nobody will beat Martelly's popularity.

Professor Robert Fatton has voiced it to Washington and they will listen.

If they mess up with this electoral process, Haitians will teach them a lesson and it will be worst than the last earthquake of 2010. No electoral fraud, Micky is already president!

Toulimen, March 7 2011, 3:27 PM

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