Lesly Francois Manigat : Haitians Are Dogs Who Like To Eat Their Vomit

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Based on the fact that Manigat Francois knows that Haitians are dogs who like to eat their vomits after they have been throwing up, this time he expects them to vote for his wife after he was overthrown from power.

Per Mirelande Manigat's declaration in Montreal, only people with master and doctorate degrees are competent to lead Haiti in the days ahead.

For Mirelande, Micky has only a bachelor degree in sociology and it is not enough to lead Haiti.

As we all know, we had so many people with masters and doctorate degrees in the past governments in Haiti and the latter was never in a better position and why should we continue to appoint those elite candidates to serve our uneducated people?

Elite degrees such as master and doctorate alone cannot make a person a person a better candidate or a better leader too. At this time, uneducated Haitian masses are not looking for elite leaders who want to enrich themselves while being in power.

They are looking for smart and intelligent spirited people to move Haiti forward as well as changing its image.

Martelly is not looking for a job and he has a lot of money to live without being president.

He has respect for Haitians and he will never call them dogs whatever the circumstances.

Whoever is defending Mirelande on this blog and even this blog manager is a dog poo eater or a dog's vomit eater.

I am not one them and I cannot defend Mirelande Manigat.

Her husband needs to control his emotions and have respect for the long suffered Haitian masses, for they are not dog's vomit eater people after all.

Toulimen, March 6 2011, 1:51 PM

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