voodoo vector of progress for haiti part2

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God is the original creator of true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom not a copy.

I've given you all (Haiti) the solutions of 207 years of mystery and errors that were made by our Haitians leaders/ancestors due to voodoo worships and lack of good decisions.

Instead of you all (Haiti) give credits to God who is the giver, you all (Haiti) are doing everything in the book to give all credits to the devils that has kept you all (Haiti) in bandages.

It is obvious there are some stupidities going on with many Haitians mainly the voodoo people and the international community who are trying so hard to steal my credits and contributions as the first Presidential Haitian Visionary in Haiti's history as a way of keeping me, Haiti down and under.

Like it or not I am Haitian and I am a Christian man of God, don't get mad at me when all of you had the same opportunity and time to do exactly what I am doing now; all you all have to do is to bring an idea that is greater than mine and until then I remain unbeatable in the Haitian political history of the world which surpasses all Haiti's Presidents, leaders of the past and present.

"The Bible tells us in John 10:10 that the thief (that is Satan) comes to steal kill and destroy."

Si voodoo e tout lot kandida yo te gin yon plan pou fiti Ayiti, pou kisa Ayitien ap pase mise konsa depi 207 ane. Pou ki sa yo pat jam met plan e visyon sa yo sou pie deja.

The truth is that all of the candidates and the voodoo people never have any visionary plans up till now...

which is demonizing the future of our nation as stated above.

Haiti have demonic strong holds through voodoo that need to be broken and that is why we Haiti/Haitian (s) need to take a drastic 90 degree turn within the body, mind and soul in other for transformation of wholeness and prosperity to come, remain in the country.

Montresor 2011 vision beyond imagination from God, The God of Moses.

To God be the glory Montresor is unbeatable...


Montresor 2011, March 6 2011, 12:05 PM

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