My! my! my! This is the most confusing message that I ahve...

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My! my! my!

This is the most confusing message that I ahve read in a very longtime perhaps the tittle doesn't fit the message.

The question is "SHOULD FOREIGN AID BE PRIVATIZED?" Isn't true that anything that is privatized meaning the government has no part in it?

Isn't true most of foreign aid given to Haiti goes directly to NGO's (Non-Government Organizations) meaning, USAID, Red Cross, Many Churches, etc. etc...?

There is a reason why USAID and other organizations are feeding our people for us, it's because that has been the perfect design, the real plan to keep Haiti in charitable starved nation in order to shine the goodness of the master and to serve as a "SElf-Esteem" theraputic treatment for many of these white people and foreigners.

You and I both know how Haitians like to worship and put white people and other foreigners on a padestal.

Does any of you really know how good that make a person feel?

Read Thomas Jefferson's foreign policy as it applies in the caribbean but especially in Haiti.

Tiba, March 6 2011, 8:15 AM


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Yes, if the money goes in the hand of private enterprises Haiti will have a better chance for education, houses, and... read more >
Marie Janty, 4-Mar-11 6:09 pm
Yes,Marie it's the only chance Haiti will have if the foreign aid privatized. Roads,agriculture,education,houses ect.... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 4-Mar-11 7:58 pm
The truth is the truth. America is feeding Haiti for awhile now, especially after the earthquake event. America may be... read more >
Marcy Paul, 5-Mar-11 6:16 pm
My! my! my! This is the most confusing message that I ahve read in a very longtime perhaps the tittle doesn't fit the... read more >
Tiba, 6-Mar-11 8:15 am
Tiba, That was precisely the point. Take the foreign aid money away from the government and the NGO's assign it to... read more >
Brian Andrew, 6-Mar-11 2:32 pm
Brian, You're killing me, man! Don't you understand NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) mean these organizations are... read more >
Tiba, 7-Mar-11 7:33 am
Tiba, yes, they are private but non-profit organizations. I don't think you understand the concept. Basically, the... read more >
Brian Andrew, 7-Mar-11 9:59 am
Justin, perhaps it is best to think about how futile it is the to be discussing something that we all know will never... read more >
Linda, 7-Mar-11 1:35 pm
Linda, Not exactly, US is facing serious financial problems. Cutbacks will be all over the board. Now is the time to... read more >
Justin Mondesir, 7-Mar-11 5:28 pm
All the aforementioned posts are precisely the reason that I say that America should dust off the archives of the... read more >
Rooster, 8-Mar-11 3:12 pm
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