Roger Qualo, I applaud you for ALL of your EXTRAORDINARY...

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Roger Qualo,

I applaud you for ALL of your EXTRAORDINARY accomplishments, bravo! and bravo a million!

But my question to you is, what being a doctor has to do with politics?

Oh, I'm sorry! my bad! you are a morality kinda guy. You are a moral advocate of the world.

Here's my second question to you though.

What if I call not to allow a doctor to participate in the elections because she cannot spell and has no concept of punctuations?

What would be your reaction then?

I doubt it very much that you wrote anything at all as you described in your bio.

"Original message: Excellence, My message is that Michel Martely should not have been allowed to participate in the elections, because of its deliquants behaviors in the past: during the carnoval, etc..

Roger Qualo"

Looking at this message my first grade nephew would do a much better job; misspelling and bad punctuations

Roger, I know very well this is not an English 101 class website, but when it comes to a self-proclaimed DOCTOR, who is criticising a candidate's pass, you damn well need to make sure that you show your brain capacity/intelligence in your writing, and yes even on this blog.

Doctor Qualo, Sweet Micky is not running for Sainthood.

He is running for the presidency of Haiti, which is a post that has been occupying by a long trail of immorals, drunk, criminals, self-indulged, selfish, and uncaring bastard presidents.

The presidency of Haiti is not a sacred post, and therefore, doesn't need to be run by a saint.

In fact, Sweet Micky's pass makes him look even more human.

A person the people can relate to and understand.

You are a doctor and you don't understand the "Human Relationship" theory.

People perform better and get more done when they relate well to each other.

Roger, have you noticed all of the huffing and puffing that is going on in Washington DC?

Much of the problem Obama is having many of the lawmakers (especially republicans) it's because, mostly, they're having great difficulty relating to a Black President.

Do you get my drift?

Tiba, March 6 2011, 7:35 AM

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Roger Qualo, I applaud you for ALL of your EXTRAORDINARY accomplishments, bravo! and bravo a million! But my question... read more >
Tiba, 6-Mar-11 7:35 am


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