Yes, Marie it's the only chance Haiti will have if the foreign...

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Yes, Marie it's the only chance Haiti will have if the foreign aid privatized.

Roads, agriculture,education, houses ect....

Jean Pierre Alexandre, March 4 2011, 7:58 PM


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Yes, if the money goes in the hand of private enterprises Haiti will have a better chance for education, houses, and... read more >
Marie Janty, 4-Mar-11 6:09 pm
Yes,Marie it's the only chance Haiti will have if the foreign aid privatized. Roads,agriculture,education,houses ect.... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 4-Mar-11 7:58 pm
The truth is the truth. America is feeding Haiti for awhile now, especially after the earthquake event. America may be... read more >
Marcy Paul, 5-Mar-11 6:16 pm
My! my! my! This is the most confusing message that I ahve read in a very longtime perhaps the tittle doesn't fit the... read more >
Tiba, 6-Mar-11 8:15 am
Tiba, That was precisely the point. Take the foreign aid money away from the government and the NGO's assign it to... read more >
Brian Andrew, 6-Mar-11 2:32 pm
Brian, You're killing me, man! Don't you understand NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) mean these organizations are... read more >
Tiba, 7-Mar-11 7:33 am
Tiba, yes, they are private but non-profit organizations. I don't think you understand the concept. Basically, the... read more >
Brian Andrew, 7-Mar-11 9:59 am
Justin, perhaps it is best to think about how futile it is the to be discussing something that we all know will never... read more >
Linda, 7-Mar-11 1:35 pm
Linda, Not exactly, US is facing serious financial problems. Cutbacks will be all over the board. Now is the time to... read more >
Justin Mondesir, 7-Mar-11 5:28 pm
All the aforementioned posts are precisely the reason that I say that America should dust off the archives of the... read more >
Rooster, 8-Mar-11 3:12 pm
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