Haiti will be Haiti for real and I don't care If you are not Happy about it

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My Haitian people will not LYNCH Haitians anymore.

Prisons in Haiti will exist for real. The Criminal Justice System will exist for real. Foreigners will respect my Haitians people for real. My young men and women Haitian police officers will be loved and proud of themselves for real. My brothers and sisters Haitians students and professionals will feel they they really exist for real. All Haitians politicians will really see their country HAITI first for real. My Haitian people will live with torments free for real. The former F.A D.H. will be honored for will. All former servicemen will be honored for real. Security will be seen for real. National products will be the Haitians'umbrella for real. My country will be drug free, imported disease free, for real. Tout Timoun ak granmoun yo pwal santi ke yo an sekirite for real.

My country Haiti will be Haiti for real, and I don't care if you are not happy about it.

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, a.k.a The C.R.J.
The Great King is Coming

Lavaud Hold Desmoulins, March 4 2011, 6:24 AM

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It's sound good. But we need to clean Haiti of the blood suckers first and bad politicians that don't want to see... read more >
Jean Pierre Alexandre, 4-Mar-11 7:57 am


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