Foxy Lady feedback about the elections

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"Aren't you tired of those debate topics about

Duvalier's fanatics vs. the rest of us

Aristide's fanatics vs. the rest of us

Preval's fanatics vs. the rest of us

Manigat's fanatics vs. the rest of us

Martelly's fanatics vs. the rest of us

(see the patterns yet?) ...

like i red in one of the pages 'doesn't matter what kind of prrof you throw at a fanatics' face they will not believe you"

this fanatic support for one man show need to stop if you want to see a different images.

every single president i red about, learned about or lived under has done one little thing for the country [thinking they will spare criticism] and then, they let corruption take their soul.

fanatism has led Haiti (la perle des Antilles) to where it is at today; unless we decide to take another route.

stop talking about changes...

make changes!

it is up to every single one of us in here."

My response,

Foxy Lady you're right about this, but the question remains to why Haitians did not debates, help, and support me to get on the ballots

It appears to be as if many people believe of my decisions for going all out without fans or support seems as if, to good to be true, and taking the time to teach, educate, and guiding the way on top of it is as such of a crazy man who either full of hatreds against his people and foreign nations.

There are many reasons why I Montresor is not very popular amongst Haitians and foreign people around the world, I've identified many of the issues if not all of them beforehand; so to simplify things I will tell you people this, if I have to do this again I will not change anything of which I represent in standards of my vision and belief because it is not about building fans but, it is required to have fans (supporters) throughout the process

1. From the beginning as a Presidential candidate I understood and considered many options and two of them were to either wait until elections' day to shovel my visionary plans as big egotistic surprises down everybody's throats in other to win the Presidency.

2. The other option was to become a political mentor by taking the time to teach, educate, and guiding the way with an exemplanary character thru the virtual media for five (5) years regardless of the prices that I will have to pay.

You know I could of done write many books and make some money with all of the times that I invested to do this; but I will never be as joyful as I am today, I will never change my happiness or attitudes of not having lots of fans (supporters) because I know that I know that I've obeyed God on behalf of Haiti Cherie.

Yes this has never been done this way before and that's what any political supporters (fans) should call change...


Montresor 2011, March 3 2011, 5:00 PM

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