Haitians are not endangered species because they are...

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Haitians are not endangered species because they are overpopulating based on the world population record.

As vulnerable people in the region, Haitians do need some protection but they should have the right to choose the right protection for themselves.

Haiti is a small country, it needs to abide by the international community standards in this interconnected world.

Hundred years ago, we could escape the global market but nowadays there is no room to escape because the world became so interconnected and we need to articulate the concept of interdependence to claim our fair share into the global market.

Haiti must define its priorities in order to design its own economic development like the British Overseas Territories.

Our country does not need to look like the United States, France and Canada but it needs to look something different and very original based on Haitian core values.

I wish our leader could reshape the country the same way it was prior to the United States interference into Haiti's economic and political affairs.

From 1862 up 1915, Haiti was running great and we were among the best schools in the world because Haiti was running 5 regional administrative divisions and everything was ok. We should go back to our initial economic system to revive HAITI and we can do it.

Micky seems to understand it and Baker knows it too. We will be back on our feet and there will be no need to rescue us ok. We will protect our cultural heritage and the international community will abide by our cultural values to deal with us. Our spirit is strong, we are resilient and strong people, we will shine again.

Just hope ok. Good job!

Toulimen Legrand, February 28 2011, 10:41 PM

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