Michel Martelly Online Town Hall Meeting Tonight

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E: Michel Martelly Online Town Hall Meeting Tonight, Friday, 7:30 PM

Ronald Altieri,
I couldn't have said it any better.

You made your point and won the argument.

I am with you 150%.

Ton Altieri (you don't mind me calling you Ton Altieri, do you?


I have learned in life there are all kind of individuals warming this world.

There are those who are completely and totally detached from reality.

Those who are self-proclaimed righteous.

Those who are self-proclaimed moral leaders/advocates, and those who are radical and so extremist that they are beyond rational thinking, etc. etc..

But in the midst of it all, what I found so amazing, for example, is those with no/less education are the ones cheering for educated people, and the moral advocates are those with no/less moral, etc. etc...

Case in point, look at those conservative radical extremist republicans, who self-proclaimed righteous and moral leaders.

They have impeached Clinton for adultry while they, too, were committing adultry with 2, 3 women at a time. They are against gays and lesbians while they, too, are gays and lesbian and being caught in adultry with gay men. They are against illegal immigration while they have illigal immigrants working as servants in their homes, etc. etc...

Many of these Haitians are rooted in the American political culture, and therefore, believe that running for president or any public office is like running for "Sainthood", and therefore, they expect that ALL candidates to be holy without sin, especially candidates they don't like. They forget that Haiti is not a US-territory or a US-state.

Being holy is not a requirement to run for public office in Haiti.

These self-proclaimed scholars are so detached from reality and from the world, they are not aware that many progressive governments/presidents in the world do not have a college education.

Case in point, take Brazil for example which is currently occupied Haiti, its president who is the most progressive and popular in Latin American, does not even have have an high school education.

I am not saying education is not important in any way shape and form, but how much is it important to get elected to public office?

If being well educated was the magic bullet to move a country forward Haiti would have been the most developped country in the Caribbean, wouldn't it?

So far, no one still can't point out one good thing any of those well educated Haitian's presidents did for Haiti that they can refer to as a great accomplishment.

But I can point out many big accomplishments of the less educated Haitian's president, Antoine Simon.

Antoine Simon paved the streets of P-A-P. He electrified Haiti(electric power).

He built the wraff/the port of P-A-P. He brought the first car to Haiti, etc. etc...

and yet, he only had an elementary education.

And that is the fact!

Between Michel Martely (Sweet Micky) and Mirlande Manigat, the verdict is clear like Sunday morning.

Sweet Micky is the only one who'll be able to bring Haiti from that pitthole and he deserve the benifit of the doubt.

He earns my support 1000%.

I am sick and tired of these brain dead, incompetent and mediocre senior citizens running the country.

Enough is enough!

Tiba, February 27 2011, 9:54 PM

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