The Capitalism as an Economic System Is One of The Best Ones

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You will hear people arguing about Neo-Liberalism as one of the worst economic systems in the world, I, myself don't buy it. If it is one the worst systems in the world, how do 90% of Americans benefit so much from it?

The United States could reduce poverty to zero percent or 1% if they wanted to do but they would not do it in order not to make the United States a paradise as an imperialistic country.

Ninety percent of Americans are benefiting from Neo-Liberalism as a system so it is not one of the worst economic systems in the world.

Others are arguing that it is based on exploitation of the vulnerable ones; well, I don't deny it, but it creates wealth for 90% and they are still fighting to reduce their poverty gap in America to 1% to prove the world that their system works.

Bill Gate, Oprah and 38 other billionaires donate 50% of their wealth to make the United States achieve that goal and now can you tell me that it is the worst economic system in the world?

It is the worst system for countries that have no or little infrastructure and strong rule of law. Once a state can build its infrastructures and privatize them later to make them work smoothly and efficiently under good governance demanding accountability as well as the implementation of the rule of law, I will say capitalism or neo-liberalism is one of the best economic systems in the world.

The American political have built a lot infrastructures and continue to build new infrastructures for better management within their private sectors and that keep moving America forward.

All they need to do in America is to prevent social injustices from occurring in the first place so the system can work for all. Americans have entrepreneurial spirit and that's what keeps moving their country forward and they still believe that they can make it better.

They think for their present and for their future generations too and that's what keeps moving their country forward.

For instance, if you are dumb and if you are a destroyer or a person who does not want to obey the law, you may believe that capitalism or neo-liberalism is the worst economic system in the world.

However, if you are smart, intelligent and you have entrepreneurial spirit and not a tribal leader like Preval, you will build new infrastructures for your country, you will foster the implementation of the rule of law, you will invest in science, technology, research and economic development, you will create new agencies to promote job growth through real privatization partnered with your state, and I believe that capitalism can be the best economic system for you in the world.

I love capitalism and I will never say that it is a worst economic in the world.

I know how it works and if I am given the opportunity, I will make it work for all.

Nevertheless, if the Haitian Bourgeoisie does not want to cooperate to make it work as planned for, I will leave them alone and use foreign investors to make it work. While doing so, I will protect my culture and through respectful partnership and the respect of all Haitian values and rule of law, I will make the capitalism work for all. It is a good economic system for countries that have infrastructures and know how to build new infrastructures to cope with the transnational corporations' demands.

It is the best if there is not a better one in the world.

I may have problem with America against some intolerable social injustices but telling me that their system is not good or the worst one, I will fight you to death.

Furthermore, I am a regionalist person and I love the New World from North to South of the Americas and I will not buy any new economic doctrine unless proven otherwise.

I may be a bad person for America for being a straightforward person but I am honest and I will bring humanity to all Haitians when the time has come, for good leaders are made and not born. It takes time to build and one day I will move Haiti forward and the whole world will respect Haiti for what it will stand under my future government.

I will make Haiti work for all in the next decade.

I will bring hope, educational and economic opportunities, wisdom and vision to all. We will be better in the next decade, just be patient ok!

Toulimen, February 27 2011, 6:28 PM

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