Its is a good idea I think we should wait after the election...

Lautre Niveau - February 26 2011, 1:27 AM

Its is a good idea I think we should wait after the election no to jeopardise things haiti is going through a transition point let wait after the election after a few month or so we can start the revolution you right we need the revolution for true because of these bastard let give them a chance the will pay the time will come what we should start doing from now start mobillissing the haitian population from now so the know what to expect anybody that start a revolution from now do not love haiti haiti is going through an election we should wait for some time for this to happen let be patiant for those bastard will pay give haiti the chance to go to the election for now.


Protest Against The Seven Richest Families Should Start Now In Haiti

We should protest against the seven richest families of Haiti who own 95% of the wealth. It is not tolerable now and...

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