This is the problem with Haitians. Whenever they face other...

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This is the problem with Haitians.

Whenever they face other people as black as they are they go on a temper tantrum rampage against those people, but when they find themselves in front of the white man they act like baby lambs.

If these Haitian athletes were in Miami facing the white man they would be extremely docile and put their tails between their legs and do exactly what the white man would have asked of them without a peep.

First and foremost, the entire Haitian team should have been tested and have a thourough physical examination de-la-tete-au-pied for any health problem before leaving Haiti.

Why didn't they do that?

They didn't care to that because Haitians always believe they have the intelligence the size of Texas to scam any system and every system there is on the planet.

In such a situation, even the monkeys would have taken same measure and send the entire Haitian team back to where they came from before the contaminate their entire jungle.

Don't these people know anything about "Malaria?"

I really think Haiti should exclude itself from participating in any international events/gathering until the Haitians get their house in order.

Haiti can't keep trying so hard to have a seat on the international community in the name of polishing its image while its image is still buried in the mud at home.

Haitians must engage themselves in rebuilding the country, rebuilding an open and effective society, creating jobs, feeding its people, educating its people first, etc. etc...before Haiti can think about rejoining the international stage.

Haitians need to stop fooling themselves that they can compete on international level because the international community is extremly well advanced and can detect any little tricks while Haiti is still relying on the premitive and the dark age thecnology.

Let's be modernized first as a country, as a nation, as a people, and as a society.

Tiba, February 25 2011, 6:10 AM

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This is the problem with Haitians. Whenever they face other people as black as they are they go on a temper tantrum... read more >
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Jean Pierre Alexandre, 25-Feb-11 6:23 am
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Toulimen, 25-Feb-11 5:24 pm
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