Haiti Is The Land of those Charognards De L'Humanite-NGOs

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As Mr Pierre Leger explains it in his last interview given to Radio Metropole, Haiti is the Paradise for those Charognards De L'Humanite as known as NGOs. The word charogne or charognard can be translated in English as Skunk NGOs and they are skunk because they believe that can clean our environment rather they are in Haiti to make us become poorer.

We should control them to every inch of their move. Many of those charognards came to pollute Haiti with homosexuality, administrative frauds, political divisions and political assassinations among ourselves.

Those charognards should be supervized before they destroy our beautiful culture.

They are in Haiti to destroy our medicine system that was aimed to cure diseases.

Now, those charognards will make us live with diseases that can be cured and those diseases will develop secondary infection sources and we will die in great numbers.

Those charognards will ask us to opt for a new health insurance that will be aimed to treat diseases and we will suffer more. Those charognards will destroy our economy and make us import only foods from the United States and you know those foods don't have vitamins and necessary nutrients to make us live good and healthy lifestyle.

Those foods are filled with chemical sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup which is aimed to weaken our immune system.

Those foods are filled with chemical additives such as MSG known as monosodium glutamate, malto dextrin, dextrin, blue 1, 5, 6, red 10, 40, yellow 5 and 6, soybean oil, corn starch, partially hydrogenated which makes you very hungry every 2 hours and so on. Those charognards will make us become fat because we will import more foods from them and Haitians will develop all types of cardiovascular diseases so they can die at early ages.

Those charognards will compell us to shift from traditional modes of treatments that were aimed to cure diseases to conventional treatments that are aimed to treat diseases so we can import more junk medicines from them. Those charognards exist to pollute our rivers, wells and reservoirs so we can import water from them. Those charognards are in Haiti to launch biowarfare against us and we should step up to ask for the departure of those charognards NGOs to save Haiti.

Those who love Haiti's depency will argue well they are in Haiti to help us but they will never pay attention to their destruction.

Because of their presence in Haiti, we will be having more diseases and that will be another form of colonization.

Now we have a black president in the U.S., can Haiti be better rather Obama will follow the policy of his predecessors and nothing will change.

If he could change Haiti, he would have changed the conditions of the African Americans as being held in jails in great numbers (9% of African Americans are in U.S. jails) rather he will destroy their welfare system like Clinton did it when he was in power.

Nothing will change with Obama for the U.S. foreign policy of Haiti; therefore, we should step up in the first place to denounce those charognards of humanity and get them expelled from Haiti as quickly as possible.

Toulimen, February 24 2011, 1:15 PM

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