Thanks To The Reproduction of The Reemergence of the Haitian Tea Party

Joubert - February 20 2011, 5:36 PM

The Liberal-Conservative Haitians reemerge the Peasants' Response as an answer to the decline of moral values in Haiti as well as the Haitian market invasion with chemical foods and carb water by the U.S. Corporations.

Micky will restore moral laws and values in Haiti as being a repented person.

Obama was in drug before he became president and he repents before becoming president of the U.S. Now, he can lead others as a role model because he went through that bad lifestyle too. Micky will be the new Obama style Haitian in Haiti and he will lead the new generation as a good role model as hoped for. We will not surrender our souls for chemical foods and junk medicines to any imperialistic countries around the world.

We will produce our own foods and we will regulate the Haitian market for better circulation of goods in Haiti.

After six months of Micky presidency, Haitians will not import water overseas and water will not be sold to anyone in Haiti.

We will get water through our main pipeline reservoirs and cleaned water will reach each house in Port-Au-Pce. The Haitian Tea Party will clean the political mess in Haiti and Haiti will be free again.

This is the youth time, with Martelly as a 49 years old, we will restore the rule of law and moral values will be back again.

Haiti will not become an evolved society with no fixed laws as those appointed Americans spies on this blog. Haitian spirit is alive and Haiti will not be sold to anyone.

I support Martelly's plan as listed in the above article at 500%.

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