Electricity in Haiti We want electricity

Touris Lokal - August 3 2007, 6:30 AM

To the President and his cabinet:

Your exellency, I am sure you know how important it is for a country to have electricity.

Without power and running water there is absolutely no growth and development.

I need to know when can we have electricity, When I was growing up and Jean Claude Duvalier was president, event my tiny hometown had electricity 24/7

Port au Prince haiti had electricity 24/7

Now I go to haiti and notice that only the industrial area are lighted at night.

President Preval, I know you are taking care of crime and corruption, thank you by the way because Haiti is pretty stable at this time however, please add Eletricity in your priorities list.

Electricity in Haiti is as important to the country as the air we breath.

Pale ave-m Preval!

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Flora says...

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Brother L.k. says...

Touris Lokal I know of those days of which you speak. YOu see even though there was corruption in the government back... more »

Jime says...

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Charles St Clair says...

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Move Zanj says...

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Robert says...

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Greg says...

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Charles St Clair says...

Thank you for taking the time and research this. That adds validity to what I wrote. The problem with the proposal we... more »

Nadeau says...

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