The Double Face of The U.S. Government And The Haitian Bourgeoisie

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On one hand, you have a U.S. government that keeps blaming the Haitian government for its laxism in managing Haiti's economic affairs well. The U.S. government is a protector of Haiti's Elites economic wealth.The U.S. government is waiting for the extinction of these elites to take over Haiti.

The U.S. government will overthrow all governments that want economic sovereignty for Haiti.

The U.S. government vows to show bad images of Haiti in its media and discourage any foreign investors that want to help Haiti.

The hypocritical side of the U.S. government fosters a blame-game accusation on both sides and they are mingling together to hold Haiti in slavery forever.

On the other hand, you have the Haitian elites that keep complaining about their oppression but like it because they made a lot of money on it. They have to play the blame-game accusation with their U.S. protector and both of them are experts in killing anyone who opposes to their double face politics in Haiti.

The Haitian Bourgeoisie and the U.S. government are mother and father of Haiti.

This marriage conspiracy plunges Haiti in deep sh..t forever and there will be no exit plan. Both have a double face in dealing with Haitian political affairs and both of them can get anyone killed if not careful when dealing with both of them.

For instance, Preval says something to Bill Clinton and the latter reports it to the 5 richest Haitian families and you have the five richest families calling Preval to warn him about what he said earlier to Bill. That's why Preval does not trust anyone in his inner circle.

The Haitian president has been always considered as a dog in the inner circle of the U.S. government and the Haitian Bourgeoisie.

Lajan ale kay lajan e Ayiti ap rete yon peyi bluff jiska tout Ayisyen ran denye souf yo. Se tris, se bluff ak ipokrizi kap pale nan politik Ayiti.

kote peyi sa ka sove nan jan de politik konplike sa ant elit nou an ak gouvenman Meriken.

Toulimen, February 19 2011, 4:30 PM

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