That aristide guy, he never been a great leader the only thing...

Richelle - February 19 2011, 9:48 AM

That aristide guy, he never been a great leader the only thing that guy enjoy doing while in power was revenge.

unlike Jean Claude when he was in power Haiti was Haiti only thing that was wrong is the beating but we all know that some of us deserve the beating because some of us do not know how to show respect to other especially between us. However when those haitian comming here in america they show american a great deal of respect eventhough some american treat them like a piece of shit.For instance in a work place where american discrininated against haitian but instead for them to complain about it they kiss american ass.If it was haitian do that to them they will complain about it and say well am from haiti i can do voodoo for you.This is what haitian do best therefore when I see them I pretend that i do not understand what is going on between them and the american co-worker.Its hurt me as a proud being haitian to act like that toward my people but hey a have no choice by doing it like that that way i do not have to think my haitian people will go home to do voodoo for me.Jean Claude was a great president i like him very very much but for aristide i do not realy hate him but i hate his acts pretend to be the good guy and deep down he is not for that reason i have very bad feeling about aristide.

Until we all haitian realize how to treat other and be honest in what we do we will never gain the respect we had when Jean Claude was in power.

I know we are not the only nation that have bad people but since we see the game that being play with us, we need to be extract precaution such as do not sell your own people for money or position in a work place.

only haitian does that, spanish do not do that instead spanish people will lia about haitian in a work place to help their spanish people.

Be you the haitian that have moral, discipline,self esteem I know we have those but for some reason some of us seem to forget where we come from this is part of the reason too.I which all of us come to since to get together to figure out how save our land. I want to go back home when i get hold but where is home?I will not go back to correct my mistake in this but i want my haitian people to think and see what can we do for our land.


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