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Marge, I am well aware of Josephine, and my immediately older sister goes by the name. But, that aside, I think the Future Haitian Leader is Alive Right Now. Leaders are not born, Marjorie, of simple and easy circumstance; they are forged by long hardship and tradgedy, and develop of their own mind. I believe that there are people out there Ready to Lead, and Able to Lead as well.
Yes, my daughter is absolutely beautiful, a very petite olive girl of incredible intelligence, and warmth that matches it. Thank you!

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Marge, I Am Well Aware Of Josephine, And My Immediately Older Sister Goes By The Name. But, That Aside, I Think The Future Haitian Leader Is Alive Right Now. Leaders Are Not Born, Marjorie, Of Simple And Easy... Rooster 02/18/2011
The Rooster, Having So Close Tie To Cuba, I Am Taken Aback By Your Comments About Haiti-Cuba-US Foreign Relations. US Responded To Cuba Differently Because Of US Past Relationship With Cuba, Notably Fidel Castro... Marjorie Middy 02/18/2011
Hey Toulimen, Post A Brand New Topic...... Rooster 02/18/2011
Toulimen, I, For One, Will Ignore Him. Thank You For Your Thoughtfulness And Forebearance! Rooster 02/18/2011
Can You Ignore Petrus Postings? I Have Noticed That He Likes Posting On Weekends. Just Ignore Him! Please Do Not Use Any Offended Word If You Have To Answer Him Back, But If I Were You Ignorance Of His Postings Would... Toulimen 02/18/2011
Toulimen, Why Do You Include Me In This? I Am Conducting Myself According To The Terms Of Your Forgiveness. Rooster 02/18/2011
Zac, I Wish I Could Respond At Great, Great Length To Your Thoughts, But I Would Doubtless Be Assailed Shortly Thereafter. I Can Only Submit That I Enjoyed Your Post Very Much, As It Was Very Visionary, And Well... Rooster 02/18/2011
You And Rooster Need To Move Your Conversation To Another Forum Ok. I Am Sick And Tired With Both Of You On This Particular Topic. I Am Going To Ask Other Bloggers To Ignore Your Postings And His If Both Of You Don't... Toulimen 02/18/2011
If You Did Not Ask For Forgiveness, You Will Be Out Of This Blog. Many Bloggers Beg Me Not Burn Your B..Tt Abd You Get My Mercy. I Ain't Gonna Play No Game With You. You Apologize Twice And It Is Over For Me. You Got... Petrus 02/18/2011
Marge, I Don't Expect, Or Desire, For ONE SINGLE Haitian To Go Back To Haiti, And I Was Very Critical Of The Wet Feet/Dry Feet Rule As It Applies Only To Cubans, As If They Are More Deserving Than Haitians For A Better... Rooster 02/18/2011