The Rooster, Having so close tie to Cuba, I am taken aback by...

Marjorie Middy - February 18 2011, 6:52 PM

The Rooster,
Having so close tie to Cuba, I am taken aback by your comments about Haiti-Cuba-US foreign relations.

US responded to Cuba differently because of US past relationship with Cuba, notably Fidel Castro.

Remember during the 50's, when America wanted to turn Havana into a Caribbean Rivera but Fidel stood his ground and with the help of the former USSR, this project felt through.You know very well that America has an ox to grind with Cuba...US wants to humiliate Cuba at every possible occasion...Cuban exodus is a way of reminding Fidel that his resistance did not work, after all...His people want to leave Cuba because Fidel is a tyrant and his economic policy failed.

This is the message America wants to send to Cuba by accepting Cubans wholesale in America.

Haiti's case is somewhat different; America never shook off the image of "Wretched of the Earth" - Frantz Fanon- mentality toward Haitians; Haiti's past political turmoils with or without the help directly or indirectly from US did not help the situation either...

Haiti has yet to have a leader like Fidel Castro to stand up firm against outsiders influence.

We CANNOT have that LEADER, as long as we are dependent on foreign aid and foreign policies.

Haiti and Haiti alone CAN cut that umbilical cord...

I believe you know that over-size families are by-products of poverty, religion, remnant of early agrarian society and education or a lack thereof.

It was only 50 years ago that the French Canadians made a conscious effort by going against their catholic religion to severely limited their family size.
Your daughter must be very pretty;The African blood can only maker her stronger and one of a kind; Like "Josephine" (Napoleon's wife).

She was 1/8 black from Martinique.

Stay cool.

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