Absent and unconcerned diaspora

Kafou - August 2 2007, 12:36 PM

Dear Mr. President, I think part of what is missing in the economic growth and stabilisation of Haiti is the lack of involvement and much-needed contribution of the majority of us who left the country for one reason or another, but primarily economic.

The initial departure quickly metamorphoses into abandonment as we hear more and more negative news about Haiti.

As America labels us and places a libelous stigma upon us, the more we seen to want to deny our heritage and our obligations to Haiti.

That said, Mr. President, please offer some suggestions how we, the middle-class, can begin to make our contributions to Haiti.

I'm not sure whether we can pinpoint the exact reason of Haiti downfall, but we can begin to rebuild in solidarity if a coalition can be established between the diaspora and Haiti.

But first, we, the diaspora, must understand and not relinquish our obligation and responsibility toward Haiti.

For every Haiti-born, God had a reason for creating you exactly in that location, when there are millions of other locations on earth.

Let us now be galvanized into action by that same fact. Let us remember that Haiti is just a land, but Haitians are the people that should make Haiti whole.

We love you Mr. President for your bravery, not dismissing the number of challenges you have before you. Please engage and challenge us to make our mandatory contributions.

Mr. President, if the streets of Haiti can be made safe, respect for the law re-established, then we would have no reason not to return to our land to rebuild.

It is not only our God-given duty, but should be every Haitian's pledge.

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