Haitians Reject America's Interference For The Following Reasons

Toulimen - February 18 2011, 4:16 PM

Toulimen Says...

1. Americans want Haiti to modernize its medicinal activities in Haiti by stopping the cure for known diseases there.

Haiti refuses to do so. Is Haiti wrong?

No. Diseases are man made created; therefore, the cure exists and why not curing people?

The duty of a physician under the Hypocratic oath is to heal(cure) and save lives.

Why should we let people suffer with diseases?

Americans want only to treat and use relief pills as junk food medicines on patient to deal with diseases.

Americans are the most sick people on earth with their stupid sophisticated healthcare system.

The latter creates addicted or zombie patients to be relied on addicted medicines to deal with diseases just for the purpose of creating jobs in America.

People can get sick at all times as long as the economy keeps creating jobs. That is not the kind of system that we want in Haiti.

We want Haitians to be in good health while working in Haiti.

We cannot surrender our soul to a greedy country like America that keeps destroying all cultures around the world.

2. America wants us to produce chemical foods that can make people develop all types of cardiovascular diseases by taking out vitamins and necessary nutrients on those foods to sell them as medicines.

They want us to import more sophisticated equipments from them to deal with those diseases.

Our hospitals and prisons will be filled with people with immuno deficiency problems just to create jobs. Haiti says no and it believes that only evil people can give such horrible treatments to humans.

3. America wants us to create schools just for the rich to become richer with a brainwashed educational system which will serve for any other purpose than for the destruction of our country.

Haiti says no because we need our educated citizens to stay and help Haiti in times of need.

4. America wants Haiti to buy junk addicted medicines from them to stop buying good medicines from the European countries designed to heal and not to treat diseases.

Haiti says no and abides by the hypocratic oath for all doctors...

5. America wants Haiti to be an evolved society with no fixed laws so we can recognize same sex marriage while destroying our culture.

Haiti says no. It will abide by its rules and the old Judeo-Christianism should prevail in Haiti.

It does not want to bring more pain and suffering within its culture...

6. America wants Haiti's culture to be centered on money alone and not human relations.

Haiti says no. Haiti says God first, Human second and money last. Haitians want to value humans first before anything else...

7. America wants us to have three words such as yes, no and may be. Haitians say no. A yes should mean yes or a no should mean no and not may be or I don't know.

8. Americans want Haitians to be hypocrits like them. Haiti says no. Hypocrisy should not rule Haiti because Haiti got its independence through honest leaders and not hypocrit leaders.

9. America wants Haitians to buy junk products from their markets to promote jobs in Haiti.

Haiti says no to cheap junk products in order to save the earth from unwanted use of certain resources.

10. Conservative American merchants are number one guns' trading in Haiti and are responsible for all Haitian crimes.

Haitian masses say no to American guns trade in Haiti.

And the list goes on...

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Monique Rodrigue says...

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Milka says...

Wow, this is an exhaustive list of Haitiano-American clashes. Good Job! more »

Rooster says...

Toulimen, you are full of garbage. The bourgeoisie says money first, period! more »

Toulimen J says...

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