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I have been posting a lot of ideas to this web site for some times now.The fact is HaitiPreval is an exercise in futility.

You don't get any input from any member of the current haitian government, let alone from Mr. Preval himself.

Everyone comes up with an idea and write whatever he or she feels like writing.

I personally believes that there should be a moderator in the group and a subject should be discussed for a week or two. Furthermore, members of the administration should be invited once in a while to explain the position of the government on the subject.

Haitian democracy is strange indeed.

Few people know the position of the president on some topics and the press isn't doing a good job to inform the public either.

In summary, make your web site more attractive by inviting government officials to participate in the forums and to express their position on important topics facing the nation.

God bless

Max Johnson Fgb, August 2 2007, 11:51 AM

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