I wish Martelly could restore the rule of law in Haiti so we...

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I wish Martelly could restore the rule of law in Haiti so we can bring back new immigrants in Haiti.

Haiti needs new immigrants who are willing to open jobs such as restaurants and grocery stores to sell products that we don't grow in Haiti.

The new government of Haiti should ban the importation all foods that Haiti can produce.

They should do that gradually through a constructive plan to do so. Actually Haiti does produce 120K metric tons of rice where we Haitians consume 450K metric tons of rice. Haiti should industrialize its agriculture to produce more rice so we can stop importing rice from the United States.

The problem that we are confronting is this: The United States is the one that prevents Haiti from producing more rice to feed its population.

The United States is happy with all those Haitian food importers in Haiti and they will never encourage or assist the Haitian government with its desire to produce more rice. The attitude of the United States is destructive toward our self-determination rights to produce stuffs we can produce alone without its help. Our case is sad and the United States is the one that keeps plunging Haiti in deep poverty.

Bill Clinton states that they want to make Haiti an independent state and I wish that could be done. I am begging him on that part because we want to replace lazyness to productivity.

We want to produce again our tropical crops to feed all Haitians in Haiti.

If the United States could help us in developing the country, I believe they would make more money with us than through our destruction...

I wish we could attract new immigrants so we can make Haiti a muliticultural country where we can have all kinds of restaurants and stores in Haiti like the Dominicans.

If Micky can restore our beaches to attract tourism the idea of having a multicultural would be a great task to all Haitians.

I wish he could bring security to Haiti by disarming all gangs in Haiti and creating a new protection force to save lives and material wealth in the country.

If he can do that then Haitian Christians could organize late church services such as cohort prayers and non-Christians could go to beaches and night clubs at night to dance and to watch movies up to 2:00 am. We are oppressed and Micky needs to reduce or eliminate oppression in Haiti so the good life could be back again...We are all suffering and we want to be home as soon as possible.

Toulimen, February 16 2011, 11:29 PM


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Toulimen, that was precisely my point when I said that the elite should be given the choice of, share, or leave. read more >
Rooster, 16-Feb-11 5:50 pm
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Toulimen, 16-Feb-11 6:14 pm
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Rooster, 16-Feb-11 6:39 pm
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Marjorie Middy, 16-Feb-11 8:07 pm
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Brian Sitterley, 16-Feb-11 8:32 pm
Marge, Your father gave a great lesson for us all! I think you are wrong about immigrants from Latin America not... read more >
Brian Sitterley, 16-Feb-11 9:55 pm
Brian, I am sorry that what I meant was understood by you differently than what I wanted to convey. What I meant was... read more >
Marjorie Middy, 16-Feb-11 10:56 pm
I wish Martelly could restore the rule of law in Haiti so we can bring back new immigrants in Haiti. Haiti needs new... read more >
Toulimen, 16-Feb-11 11:29 pm
Rooster, fundamentally I believe Haiti is where it is because of the terrible choices Haitians keep on making. I am a... read more >
Zac, 17-Feb-11 7:58 am
Toulimen, i know exactly what you mean. Recently a member of my family was kidnapped in Haiti. Our family paid the... read more >
Zac, 17-Feb-11 8:12 am
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